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Gransdens Dry Ice Blasting

A quicker, more effective way to strip antifouling!

Dry ice blasting offers an alternative to other blast media solutions as it is non-abrasive, non-toxic and has the unique ability to sublimate on impact – this means there is no secondary waste to dispose of such as water or other blasting media

Gransden dry ice blasting offers a superior clean, and the absence of secondary waste makes it an ideal solution for stripping antifouling, marine growth and other contaminants from your vessels hull, propellors, bow thrusters, rudder, trim tabs and other detailed components where conventional cleaning solutions may be ineffective. Every year, your vessels hull receives a protective layer of antifouling which will add extra weight and may potentially conceal areas of osmosis if present, stripping the hull with dry ice blasting – removes the additional weight and leaves it clean, ready for inspection and repair if required, providing increased peace of mind – prior to re coating with a fresh coat of antifouling.

Dry ice blasting is the ideal process to remove layers of antifouling and expose the hull for thorough inspection, and with no secondary waste there is very little clean up time required.

Our process will effectively remove most coatings and contaminants including antifouling, marine growth, varnish, paint, bitumen, glues, sealants, staining or dirt that can build up over the years. There is no water or abrasive material used in the process, only compressed air and frozen Carbon Dioxide which makes our service an ideal choice for the marine industry where a dry, non-abrasive process is preferred.

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