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Dry Ice Blasting

Cleaner Than Sandblasting

Gransden Construction are now able to offer dry ice blasting as a cleaning process for your oak or pine beams and other in-situ cleaning requirements.

The process is a quicker, cleaner alternative to sandblasting and will leave your oak beams or other surfaces clean, without the mess and damage usually associated with sandblasting.

Dry ice blasting is more gentle than sandblasting and can be used to clean more fragile surfaces including glass and fine mouldings. The process will effectively remove most contaminants including varnish, paint, plaster, cement, mould, smoke residue, glues, sealants, staining and general dirt that builds up over the years. There is no water or abrasive material residue introduced during the process, only frozen Co2 and compressed air are used – making dry ice blasting an ideal choice for cleaning surfaces in Grade I and II listed buildings or other properties where a dry, nonabrasive cleaning process is preferred.

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Uses And Benefits

What Can It Be Used For?
Paint removal, beam cleaning, varnish removal, bitumen and glue removal, mould removal, soot and smoke damage removal, algae removal, virginia creeper sucker removal, brick and stone wall cleaning.

The Benefits
No damage to the surface being cleaned as the process is abrasion free. Reduced clean-up time. Chemical free, water free, thorough cleaning in tight spots and intricate areas without damaging surrounding areas. No need for temporary protection to glass or other fragile materials.

Areas Covered / About Us
Our dry ice blasting team covers the whole of England and is operated by Gransden Construction Ltd. We are a family run firm of traditional builders and contractors based in Kent, providing a full range of construction services to the listed property sector and other sectors across the South East.

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