St Peters Church – Haven Heights

This project was to create a public viewing platform at the top of the tower and provide a public access staircase to enable access.  The works included relocation, refurbishment and alteration of clock works and bells to allow construction of a bespoke joinery visitors staircase within the tower, provision of decking, safety wires and barriers to allow public access to the top of the tower including associated external works at tower roof level to form a viewing platform for the public as a visitor attraction. Associated services were installed including elements of drainage, electrical circuits, emergency lighting, smoke detection and CCTV.

Some of the bells were moved and the clock mechanism was restored and altered to enable the installation of the staircase. Gransden Construction were responsible for designing elements of M&E / CCTV installations and drainage and the project was carried out whilst the rest of the building and grounds remained open to the public.

The projects aim was to secure a sustainable future of this important building, which already welcomes thousands of visitors a year. It has brought economic benefits to the local community, supporting employment and generating revenue, whilst attracting people and businesses to the area.

A promotional film about this project can be viewed on our Videos page.

Gransden Construction

Gransden Construction